Kitchen wall faucet

Built-in hollow fiber membrane filtration system made of PVDF

Easy and time-saving filter replacement

Both fashion and special patented design

Pure copper lead-free material and chrome-plated polishing

product details


Well-designed lead-free faucet with clear, stable and reliable functions

Beautiful appearance, fine copper texture

General-level provincial water mark

General water, filtered water, table space can be done at one time

Innovative single-handle design, breaking the traditional double-sided handle, making it more convenient and easy to use

It can be replaced by the opening of the source flow management platform, without damaging the flow management platform structure

The filter is environmentally friendly and does not consume energy. The transmembrane pressure difference is low, and no power supply is needed. Pump pressure can be used to reduce energy consumption



Material: solid copper

Surface treatment: chrome plating

Applicable water pressure range: 1.5~5kgf/cm2

All gaskets, lubricants, and adhesives are in compliance with non-toxic certification.

It is strictly forbidden to use acid and alkali cleaners or scouring oils, so as not to damage the smoothness of the product surface and cause the product to turn black.

Filter specifications: PVDF hollow fiber membrane

Dechlorination ball: calcium sulfite



Installation Precautions:

. Before the faucet is installed, the dirty water, residue, sand and impurities in the water pipe should be rinsed, and then the faucet should be installed to prevent bubbling and blockage or damage to the valve core.

. Before disassembling the old faucet, please turn off the water inlet first. In order to keep the appearance of the faucet bright and clean and good performance, please take care of the faucet as follows.

. Clean the faucet surface with clean water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth before scrubbing, and wipe gently with a neutral detergent to keep the surface clean.

. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, hard cloths, paper towels or steel wool, and any acidic, rough cleaners or soaps to wipe the surface of the faucet.

. During use, the bubbler may accumulate dirt and make the water flow smaller and slower. You can unscrew the bubbler, take out the filter, and use a toothbrush or a small brush under the faucet. After scrubbing the filter or rinsing the bubbler with water, install it back to its original position.