Whole house 304 stainless steel water purifier

Adopting Molong ultrafiltration technology to directly purify the tap water, it can effectively remove bacteria, impurities, sand, rust, colloids, suspended solids and organic matter in the raw water that are harmful to health, and the effluent is fresh and clean.

Built-in Pomeranian PVDF U6-5000 filter.

  1. With Molong PVDF as the core, the filtered water is fresh and clean.

  2. Selected high-quality parts, reliable operation and long service life.

  3. Optimized structural design, suitable for various house installations.

  4. It is suitable for the whole house water purification, domestic water purification and flushing water needs of luxury large apartment and villa users.


  1. The flow rate of purified water has a great relationship with the pressure of the purified water, the temperature of the operating environment, and the quality of the raw water, and the actual usage shall prevail.

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