molong filter U2

Molong PVDF

Filter out 99.9% of bacteria and impurities in tap water

Durability: acid and alkali resistance

Heat resistance: up to 70 degrees Celsius

High flow rate: the water output reaches 7 liters per minute

Energy saving: no need for additional power

product details

High throughput:

Through the exclusive membrane technology, the membrane pore size is below 0.1μm, but it can reach 5 times the flux of similar products, and it has the highest level of flux in the field of ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes. When running in tap water filtration, the maximum flux can reach 660 liters/hour (15.8 tons/day).

High strength, high drug resistance Adopting Polytech's exclusive hydrophilization membrane technology. With high strength and high heat resistance, it can be used for a long time.

High filtration efficiency:

It removes 99.9% of bacteria and impurities in tap water; the removal rate of aluminum, calcium, and iron is more than 90%; the removal rate of barium, manganese, cadmium, chromium, and lead is more than 80%.

Innovate structure and realize low cost:

The length of the shell is short, about 10 cm, which can realize the miniaturization design of the equipment. The food-grade ABS material shell is used, which can be directly installed in the patented faucet. There is no need to configure a backwash water tank or pump, which can reduce equipment costs and save space. The lower end of the filter element is a non-fixed "unilateral open structure", so impurities are not easy to accumulate between the hollow fiber membrane filaments. The air and liquid are sprayed out from the water pipe in the middle of the filter element, which can effectively clean the hollow fiber membrane.

Environmental protection and no energy consumption Low transmembrane pressure difference, no need to use power supply and pump pressure, which can reduce energy consumption.